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TEMP-AIR, Inc.’s 140,000 square foot corporate headquarters is home to an experienced engineering team, a knowledgeable sales support team and a skilled manufacturing staff. TEMP-AIR, Inc. employs 150 dedicated employees nationwide that focus on the creation of innovative products and providing customers with outstanding service.

Dehumidifying and air filtration devices

Rupp Industries, now known as TEMP-AIR, Inc., originally began as a temporary heating rental company to the construction industry. Over the years, the company’s portfolio expanded into offering temporary, portable cooling, dehumidifying and air filtration rental services as well.

The Thermal Remediation® division of TEMP-AIR, Inc. was launched in 1999 as a spin-off of the company’s construction portable heating business. The concept of using TEMP-AIR heaters as an alternative to chemical fumigation in the food processing industry was developed when TEMP-AIR management was exploring new markets for the use of its heating equipment fleet during the low-demand summer months. At the time, competitors in the food processing plant heat treatment industry were using only steam or electric heaters. TEMP-AIR recognized that its gas-fueled make-up air heaters provided a unique benefit and applied for patent protection. TEMP-AIR received US Patent #6,141,901 and Canadian patents #2563485 and #2318717.

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Thermal Remediation® industrial stored product pest heat treatment equipment quickly became the safest, most environmentally friendly alternative to chemical fumigation or fogging. This patented make-up air industrial process has since been performed all over the world including in the continents of North America, Asia and Europe.

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After the successful introduction of industrial pest heat treatments, Thermal Remediation® bed bug heaters were developed in 2008, specifically designed for use by pest control operators, housing authorities, hotels and universities to eliminate bed bug infestations. Currently, over 200 pest control companies offer Thermal Remediation® bed bug heat treatment equipment services.

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