Three Keys to a Successful Bed Bug Heat Treatment:

  1. Bring Heat: Electric heaters are placed within the space, introducing and recirculating heated air with a target temperature not to exceed 135°F based on air intake.
  2. Monitor: Temperatures are monitored in real time from a remote location using wireless sensors to ensure lethal temperatures are reached without damaging the space and its contents.
  3. Move Air: High temperature fans move heated air throughout the space to reach insects in cracks, crevices, and other high infestation zones.

The recommended bed bug heat treatment package for use by hotel maintenance crews is the Thermal Remediation® EBB-80kW box truck package. Hotel staff is trained by the Thermal Remediation® team to perform heat treatments at the hotel using (8) 460V electric bed bug heaters and other essential heat treatment equipment accessories. The EBB-80kW box truck package is shelled in a box assembly that contains storage space for the bed bug heaters, a John Deere generator, temperature monitoring system, and more. This turnkey package contains everything a hotel staff needs to successfully eliminate bed bugs so your hotel guests can have a relaxing night’s sleep.

When performing a bed bug heat treatment in a hotel room, certain areas and items within the space are of more concern than others. Rubber baseboards, which are often found in block structure buildings, are a major harborage for bed bugs. These baseboards should be removed in high infestation areas otherwise bed bugs will burrow down behind them in the creases of the block. Headboards are another popular spot in hotel rooms for bed bugs to hide. All headboards and their brackets should be removed from the wall and placed in the space during the heat treatment. Also furniture near a bed, such as an end table, is more at risk for bed bugs therefore heat flow should be concentrated on this furniture more so than furniture on the other side of the room. All types of mattresses found in hotel rooms can be treated; Sleep Number beds should be unplugged from the wall before the treatment starts. During the treatment, bed frames and mattresses should be propped up when the temperature inside the hotel room reaches 130-135°F. Bathrooms are unimportant areas within a hotel room during a bed bug heat treatment. It is recommended to close the bathroom door prior to the treatment so heated air is not wasted attempting to heat up a tiled bathroom space.

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