Financing Options

Financing Thermal RemediationĀ® bed bug heat treatment equipment is a great way to acquire the equipment without a large upfront cost.

Are you experiencing sticker shock? Let us break it down into realistic monthly figures. For example, using one of our financial lending partners, if you finance a $58,000 equipment package for a 5-year (60-month) term your monthly payment could be $58,000 x 0.0208 = $1,206.40. According to, the average bed bug heat treatment price is $1,200. Thus if you perform two heat treatments per month you will still be making a profit (as a pest control operator) or will be saving a significant amount of money (as a housing authority, hotel or university operator).

We recommend financing your equipment through Advantage+, American Capital or Direct Capital Corporation. These third party financing companies are familiar with our equipment and can expedite your approval process. Contact one of these recommended lenders today to explore your financing options.