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    Product ID: 86700.079

    Repeater boosts signal to 900MHz

    Replacement Repeater Power Supply
    Product ID: 88000.092

    Replacement power cord for the repeater.

    Repeater Power Supply Adapter (Sm-Lg)
    Product ID: 82900.439

    Repeater is used to transfter old power supply to new power supply.

    Repeater Antenna - Hard
    Product ID: 86700.177

    Replacement 418MHz hard antenna for the repeater.

    Product ID: 86700.178

    Replacement receiver for the monitoring system.

    Replacement Receiver Power Supply
    Product ID: 88000.08

    Replacement power cord for the receiver.

    6' Flexible Antenna for Receiver
    Product ID: 86700.172

    418 MHz receiver antenna

    Sensor Battery LS14500BA
    Product ID: 99900.715

    Replacement battery for wireless temperature sensors. 3.6 volt Lithium

    5-Port USB Switch for Computer
    Product ID: 86700.179

    Wireless Data Logger Part

    1' Ethernet Cable
    Product ID: 14-86700.171

    Wireless Data Logger Part

    HP3115m Laptop
    Product ID: 5326.014

    Specially programmed Laptop for monitoring heat treatments

    3-Piece Replacement Blue Foam
    Product ID: 99900.898

    Pelican Case to protect Laptop and accessories during travel and treatments