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    Red Oval Tail Lamp 7 LED
    Product ID: 480700.054

    All Trailers

    Key Set (2) for Generator Deep Sea Panel (universal)
    Product ID: 99900.711

    key for igniting the generator and shutting it down

    Safety Cable and Switch
    Product ID: 87500.17

    Safety measure that is taken if trailer is separated from truck

    Red Side Marker Light
    Product ID: 80700.053

    All Trailers

    Fuel Cap for 40KW ONLY
    Product ID: 99900.872

    Fuel Cap specifically designed for 40KW trailer ONLY

    Fuel Cap for 60KW ONLY
    Product ID: 99900.815

    Diesel Fuel Cap for 60KW.You can also pick up cap at a local NAPA

    Fuel Cap for 80KW ONLY
    Product ID: 99900.856

    Diesel and Generator Fuel Cap for 80KW. You can also pick up cap at a local NAPA

    Trailer Heater Ramps
    Product ID: 65322.013

    Ramp for 40KW/60KW loading and off loading heaters

    12' 7-Way Trailer Cord 40KW/60KW
    Product ID: 82900.426

    Cord used between truck and trailer to connect power for lights

    Fuel Level Sender (specify which model)
    Product ID: 99900.664

    Shows level of fuel that is remaining for main generator

    Emergency Stop Switch
    Product ID: 87500.423

    Push button that is used only when the functions of the generator need to be halted immediately.

    Heater Handle Weldment
    Product ID: 65319.009