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    Splash Proof Rocker Switch
    Product ID: 87500.427

    Blower and Heating Element ON/OFF Switch

    Rubber Handle Grip
    Product ID: 83800.012

    Replacement Rubber Grip

    Base Plate & Wheel Cap Nut (80600.137)
    Product ID: 5319.036

    Replacement Base Plate Reinforced

    High Limit Switch
    Product ID: 83100.214

    Internal High Heat Safety Switch

    Watlow Digital Thermostat
    Product ID: 619.908

    Replacement Digital Thermostat

    460B Heating Element (3-Phase)
    Product ID: 84000.008

    Fin Tube Heating Elements

    460B Heater Power Receptacle
    Product ID: 86000.008

    Main Receptacle on Heater

    EBB Heater Cover (Raincap)
    Product ID: 99900.762

    Top of Heater Protective Cover

    460B Blower Bearings (Note: Qty of 2 required per blower)
    Product ID: 80300.078

    Blower Motor Replacement Bearings

    Red Indicator Light
    Product ID: 80700.115

    Light used to indicate blower and heater elements are working

    Rocker Switch
    Product ID: 87500.442

    Blower and Heating Element ON/OFF Switch

    115B Transformer
    Product ID: 88000.065

    Converts 230V