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    115B Relay
    Product ID: 86300.056

    Blower Motor Relay

    115B Heating Element (1-Phase)
    Product ID: 84000.009

    Fin Tube Heating Elements

    115B Capacitor
    Product ID: 85601.714


    115B Blower Motor Assembly (1-Phase)
    Product ID: 83100.16

    115V Blower Motor Assembly

    16" Multifan w/ base
    Product ID: 83100.26

    These fans provide high CFM with low amp draw (2.6 Amps, 3,294 CFM). Used to evenly distribute heated air throughout the…

    19" X Power Fan w/ 360
    Product ID: 83100.299

    These hight temperature fans provide CFM with low amp draw (2.8A, 3,600CFM) and operate well in the high temperatures.…

    Multifan Adapter for 16" Multifan (w/2 tarp straps)
    Product ID: 99900.530/694

    This attachment is used on the 16" Multifan to direct heat at target areas. The (2) tarp straps are used to attach the…

    16" Multifan Replacement Power Cord 10'
    Product ID: 82900.253

    Replacement power cord for the Multifan.

    16" Multifan Replacement Blade
    Product ID: 83100.135

    Replacement blade for the 16" Multifan.

    16" Multifan Rotating Base
    Product ID: 83100.258

    Optional rotating base for the 16" Multifan that allows the fan to be pointed down at a 45 degree angle towards the…

    16" Multifan Replacement Motor
    Product ID: 85600.082

    Replacement motor for the 16" Multifan

    16" Schaefer Fan 1/3 hp Replacement Motor
    Product ID: 83100.249

    Replacement motor for the 16" Schaefer Fan