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Apartments and other rental properties are prime targets for bed bug infestations due to their large levels of tenants and high turnover rates. Apartment complexes prove to be a tricky place to eliminate bed bug populations as the pests commonly move from neighboring units easily spreading throughout the building. The use of bed bug heat treatment equipment is a highly effective way to treat bed bug infested apartments and surrounding units.

Bed bug heat treatments provide a variety of benefits to both the property management company performing the treatment and building tenants. Only a single heat treatment is required for low to mid-level bed bug infestations, whereas pesticides require 3 to 4 treatments over a time span of 21-31 days. Tenant satisfaction post-treatment will be higher since the issue will be resolved sooner and additionally, tenants may be sensitive to pesticides resulting in a physical reaction to the chemicals. Bed bugs are more resistant than ever to insecticides, meaning chemicals may not be able to kill all insect life stages resulting in remaining live bed bugs after the treatment. It is also easier to penetrate areas that are difficult to reach using heat in comparison to pesticides.

A popular bed bug heat treatment equipment choice for property managers is the Thermal Remediation® EBB-40kW trailer package. This package contains (4) 460V electric bed bug heaters and a generator stored in an enclosed trailer among other essential heat treatment accessories. The EBB-40kW trailer package treats up to 1,400 square feet of infested space and works well in multi-room apartments, condominiums, or even smaller houses. Property maintenance managers can easily tow this turnkey trailer from one apartment complex to another making the equipment investment worthwhile when spread throughout the company’s portfolio.

Three Key Temperature Stages When Performing a Bed Bug Heat Treatment:

  1. 100-120°F: Inspect for bed bug activity; remove visible bed bugs with an integrated pest management pest vacuum
  2. 125-130°F: Plug in high temperature fans and direct heated air at bed bug activity detected in previous temperature stage
  3. 130-135°F: Move and expose content to facilitate heat and air movement in the treated area

When performing a bed bug heat treatment in apartment or condominium units, certain priority considerations should be made to specific areas within the living space. Clothing in dressers and closets should not be tightly packed allowing space for air movement during the treatment. Furniture in highly frequented areas, such as a couch in a living room, and furniture near a bed are more at risk of being infested. This furniture should have fans directing heated air onto it during the treatment. Kitchen cabinets full of dishes or food do not need to be treated. Electronics can remain in an apartment home or condo unit as long as they are powered off and unplugged. Bed frames and mattresses should be propped up when the temperature in the space reaches 130-135°F. Crown molding and baseboards are a concern in an apartment as they prove to be excellent places for bed bugs to hide.

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