How Do Moving Companies Make Sure Your Furniture Remains Bed Bug-Free?

July 5, 2016 | Gloria Henriquez

Bedbugs are a big concern, and when you hire a moving company that deals with many clients, how can you be sure they’re not lugging along the nasty critters?

One moving company, AMJ Campbell, has a clear routine.

They wash the trucks’ exteriors once a week and the inside is cleaned and inspected every day.

Moving blankets are folded and replaced often; special attention is paid to couches and mattresses where the nasty critters nest, so they are wrapped in thick plastic.

“It’s not open in the truck, it’s open in the new home, in the new bedroom, at destination,” said Mat Belanger, regional vice president at AMJ Campbell.

“So, that’s the key for making sure it’s not spreading around.”

What if the movers find bedbugs in a home?

“We tell politely and professionally that the client needs to get the place fumigated before we move any pieces,” Belanger explained.

For Ericson Martin at We-Haul Movers, it’s all about prevention.

“We apply a chemical once a week, we close the truck,” Martin said.

“Every two years, we change our blankets.”

Donny Prashker, a bed bug expert with Therma Pro Solutions, insisted prevention is key.

“When you move into your new place, take the extra time to unpack properly,” Prashker said.

“Put all fabrics in the dryer, give it a good 30-40 minutes on high heat. That kills the bedbugs and the eggs immediately.”

“The other thing you can use is a vacuum cleaner. You can vacuum all of your things, vacuum your sofas, your tables, your suitcases etc.”

Prashker also said doing thorough research on the moving company you use is also very important.

He added you shouldn’t be shy about inspecting the truck yourself before loading your stuff.