A thermometer showcases the temperature

Why Heat Treatment

Heat treatments are a popular environmentally friendly alternative to using chemicals to eliminate insect infestations. There is scientific evidence that insects are becoming increasingly resistant to chemicals but are physically not capable of surviving extreme, prolonged controlled temperatures.

How Heat Treatment Works

The basic tools required for a successful insect heat treatment include heaters, fans and temperature monitoring equipment. Heat is first introduced into the area to be treated, the fans then allow for the movement of heated air throughout the space and the temperature monitoring equipment ensures no areas are missed.

Benefits of Heat Treatment

The closely monitored, even distribution of heat is the only 100% effective way to kill all life stages of insects in the area being treated. Aside from being the most effective and efficient type of insect elimination treatment, heat offers a variety of unique benefits to both the occupant and pest control operator.


Thermal RemediationĀ® Senior Scientist Dr. Raj Hulasare has performed numerous research studies in partnership with Kansas State University among other reputable organizations on the subject of exposing insects to extreme heat conditions.