A Thermal Remediation employee gets ready to use his equipment

Thermal Remediation® heaters gradually increase the interior of a space up to a lethal temperature of 120-135°F (49-57°C). Bed bugs and stored product pests of all life stages are physically unable to survive when exposed to extreme heat for an extended period of time. Once lethal temperatures are reached, custom designed high temperature fans then evenly circulate the heated air throughout the area being treated ensuring challenging spots, such as cracks and crevices, are reached.

A women sets up a fan next to her couch

Strategically placed temperature sensors are remotely monitored to ensure all areas are achieving the required insect temperature “kill zone”. Technicians are able to remotely monitor temperature sensors on a computer up to 800 feet away from the treatment area. This computer provides a detailed temperature overview report which is automatically generated at the conclusion of the treatment.

A laptop sits insdie a suitcase

Insect heat treatment is effective when a controlled application process is followed which involves the introduction of heat, airflow management and close monitoring.